TSA Advisory is a team of 160+ infrastructure advisors. We bring together strategic, technical and commercial expertise to advise our clients on complex infrastructure.

Our expertise is specialist and deep, and introduced at key points in a project’s lifecycle to help our clients develop, fund, transact, deliver and optimise critical infrastructure.

TSA Management formed in 2001 with a focus on providing clients the full suite of project management services. Recognising a growing client need for specialist expertise within a complex and heavily regulated industry, we acquired Calcutta Group in 2019 and Advisian CPA in 2021.

The strategic acquisitions of these specialist infrastructure advisory firms acted as the catalyst for the creation of TSA Advisory: TSA’s specialist advisory business line. Today, TSA Advisory works with clients globally to generate targeted solutions to complicated infrastructure challenges.

Our history

Our services, listed above, are specialist and backed up by deep expertise and experience. We inject these services at key points in the project lifecycle to help our clients realise their goals. While much of our work is around physical infrastructure, we also advise on services that pair with this infrastructure, such as health service planning, digital advisory and carbon reduction programs.

Download the TSA Advisory Introduction brochure for more information about our services, people and previous projects.

We have a solid grounding in the real-world delivery of the projects we advise on. This comes from working side-by-side with TSA Projects. We provide specialist expertise at key points within a project’s timeline, while TSA Projects works across the full project lifecycle. Together, TSA Advisory and TSA Projects can adaptively collaborate to successfully deliver complex projects.

This gives TSA Advisory a deep understanding of the unique needs, challenges and opportunities of delivering different types of infrastructure. It means our advice is commercial and pragmatic and considers the many real-world factors that impact operability, and on-time, on-budget delivery of infrastructure.

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