Working across the project lifecycle, we help our clients envision, develop, deliver and optimise the infrastructure and services that underpin happy, inclusive and sustainable communities.

A deep history of specialist front-end
infrastructure advisory

TSA Advisory is the advisory business line of TSA Management. We are a team of 150+ infrastructure advisors with specialist expertise in the transport, health, education, justice, social housing, water and energy sectors.

TSA Management formed in 2001 as a specialist Project Management firm. Our acquisition of Calcutta Group in 2019, and Advisian Capital Projects Advisory (formerly Evans & Peck) in 2021, led to the creation of our Advisory service: TSA Advisory.

TSA Advisory created from acquisition of Calcutta Group and Advisian (formerly Evans & Peck)

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Real World Experience

TSA Advisory traces its roots back to Evans & Peck, known for comprehensive strategic advice, deep engineering excellence and delivery expertise. As part of TSA Management, TSA Advisory collaborates with, and has access to, the experience of TSA’s premium Project Management offering, TSA Projects.

Our solid project delivery foundation comprises a deep understanding of the unique needs, challenges and opportunities when delivering different types of infrastructure, in different regions. It means our advice is commercial and pragmatic, and assures our clients of the quality of our recommended procurement and delivery methods. It also helps mitigate delivery risks and construction disputes.

A Community-Centric Approach

Our clients operate in a world of increasing public scrutiny and growing community expectations around value, equity, amenity and environmental outcomes. To deliver on-time and on-budget, they need to consider communities’ wants and needs from the start of every project.

No matter their discipline or the project’s phase, our team view the projects they are advising on from the perspective of the communities the projects will serve. Our people can identify potential future community engagement issues early. This allows our clients to deal with community concerns before they become an issue that holds up projects or creates unwanted headlines.

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