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TSA in 60 Secs.


We are a group of people who manage, consult and partner with industry professionals to radically improve public and private utilities and infrastructure through projects both big and small. Sometimes we help build, other times we advise. We always collaborate for an outcome with positive impact.


Positive impact. TSA is not just about the things we build, but primarily the positive legacy we help generate for the communities in which we work.

Our work means we get to play a beneficial role in the lives of people, creating places to live, learn, work and enjoy.


We are committed to balancing environmental sustainability initiatives with ethical business practices and responsibilities.

We don’t just build for today; we understand the need to create a sustainable and liveable future for tomorrow.

We’re always conscious of the impact our activities have professionally, socially and environmentally and ensure our actions enhance the environment for everyone.


Good project managers take care of cost, quality, risk and program. Great project managers do that AND build the strategic vision and tactical delivery of each individual project.

We provide a diverse range of project management services from inception to handover. Most importantly, we deliver with clear communication, integrity and flexibility.


From advisory services and business cases to audits and strategic procurement, our consulting practices are sophisticated and skilled.

We help our clients solve problems. We create clarity around goals and help implement them in the most effective ways, using the best people for each unique challenge.


We partner with organisations across 16 government and private sectors and eight regional locations to build a better world.

We form part of our clients’ integrated teams and grow strategic partnerships in an open, collaborative and cohesive way.



Our history is important. It gives us our identity and binds us as we grow. It allows newcomers to understand how we got to where we are, and provides each of us a sense of where we’re going.

Our History.

Diversity is our strength.

There’s no cookie-cutter approach for our people, projects or clients. We embrace diversity; it’s what helps us to deliver ‘best for project’.
What does this truly mean though? For us it comes down to reach, depth and dimension.

We have reach. Our projects are dotted throughout Australia and New Zealand. With offices in both countries, we deliver for communities across a variety of geographical locations.

We have depth in our experience. We manage, consult and partner with clients through each aspect of the advisory, procurement, development, planning and program management services we provide. We have comprehensive experience across the public and private infrastructure and property industries.

We embrace our differences. To deliver diverse projects, we need (and want) a diverse workforce. We celebrate our people’s backgrounds in engineering, architecture, design, interior design, contracting, onsite construction, teaching, physiotherapy, nursing and more.

Their collective experiences mean we see things in unique and sometimes unconventional ways. This adds dimension to our project management approach.

We’re ideas people, project people, smart people… all driven by a common purpose.