A group of 400+ project managers, TSA Projects provides end-to-end project management services to deliver property and infrastructure for private, government and not-for-profit clients. We build teams with the right skills, experience and tools to bring complex and impactful projects to life.

TSA Management formed in 2001 with a focus on providing clients the full suite of project management services. In 2021, with rapid growth and expanding service offerings, our project management business rebranded to TSA Projects.

Today, TSA Projects continues providing end-to-end project management services across the entire project lifecycle within an expanding range of locations and industry sectors.

Our history

Grouped by sector and guided by experienced sector leads, our people form knowledgeable, targeted and highly efficient project management teams. Our engagements are tailored to client requirements and range from providing all-inclusive project or program management teams to integrated teams and seconded resources within client organisations.

No matter how we structure our services, TSA Projects acts as the crucial conduit between clients, stakeholders and contractors, ensuring project objectives are clearly communicated and achieved. From project initiation and planning to delivery and execution, our people maintain accountability across the key metrics of time, cost, quality and risk.

What we do

With offices throughout the Asia-Pacific and a global outlook, TSA Projects provides access to a significant depth of project resources across a growing number of locations.

With an agile approach supported by our flexible and cloud-based systems and technologies, our engagements span 17 countries globally.

Our reach

10,000 years' collective project management experience

With 10,000 years’ collective project management experience, our people actively collaborate to deliver astute project solutions. TSA Projects fosters a cooperative and agile environment where lessons are learned, and knowledge shared across teams, projects and borders. Our cloud-based and customised project consulting software, ‘Athena’ standardises our services, providing quality assurance and efficiency. Our certified integrated management system complies with regulatory requirements and is easily implemented in any location to guarantee consistent and high-quality project outcomes. We offer clients the invaluable convenience and immediacy of on-the-ground project support, combined with TSA Project’s overarching, tried-and-tested project methodologies.

TSA Projects and TSA Advisory

TSA Projects works closely with TSA Advisory: the company’s advisory business stream. Our clients benefit from TSA’s unique capacity to draw on any configuration of TSA Projects and TSA Advisory resources at any point within a project’s lifecycle. While TSA Projects offers the full suite of project management services from inception to handover, our ability to call upon TSA Advisory’s highly specialised expertise at crucial points within a project’s timeline gives us the edge when delivering even the most complex of projects.

How we work

Project Management by Sector

Advisory Services

Project by Office