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Downtown Waterfront Upgrade Quay Street, Auckland
Auckland Council & Auckland Transport

6 new berths
7m long pontoons
8,600,000 journeys

The Downtown Programme is a series of 7 infrastructure projects to rejuvenate the Auckland waterfront.

The Ferry Basin is one of the 7 infrastructure projects that form part of the Downtown programme – creating six new berths on the West Side of Queens Wharf. To make space for the new piers, and ensuring cruise ships can still berth on Queen’s Wharf West, two new mooring dolphins will also be constructed to the north of Queen’s Wharf.

TSA are providing Project Management and Engineer to Contract services for 5 of the 7 projects in the programme with other projects include upgrades to Quay Street (including the seawall and streetscape), a new Bus Interchange at Lower Albert Street and the Galway Street upgrade.

The TSA team have continued at full speed working over COVID-19 Levels 4 and 3 on the Downtown Programme on behalf of Auckland Transport providing Project Management and Engineer to Contract services for 5 of the 7 projects in the programme.  This includes the Ferry Basin Redevelopment, which provides infrastructure in the form of 6 new pontoons with architectural canopies, increasing the ferry operations’ flexibility and resilience, in turn meeting the city’s growing transport needs. The Downtown Public Space project will create a revitalised area for the community overlooking the Ferry Basin, situated between Queens Wharf and Princes Wharf. The team is also heavily involved in service relocations to maintain and upgrade Auckland’s key lifelines along Quay Street.

The first ferry wharf pontoon was installed in February 2020, and provides facilities for several thousand passengers a day with the installation of the further five to be undertaken as the project progresses. Three elements of the southern canopy for the new ferry berths have been lifted into position over the course of a week in October 2020.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Design management from concept to detailed design.
  • Coordination of nine resource consent applications.
  • Coordination across different council organisations.
  • Managing and leading consultant and contractor procurement including establishing a new Auckland Council’s urban designer’s panel.
  • Programming for the programme of works and individual projects.
  • Risk management.

The TSA Downtown team worked hard through all COVID-19 restriction levels, progressing design and construction queries and advancing procurement and construction methodologies, to ensure a full swing back on site with the Level 3 announcement at the end of April 2020.

The latest challenge the team is responding to is Auckland’s historically severe drought (estimated between a 1/100 and 1/1000 event) and the subsequent impacts on construction due to enforced water restrictions. Coupled with the pandemic response, the team is rising to the challenge to ensure Auckland’s waterfront becomes a hard-won success story for the city.

Image credit: Isthmus.

  • 6

    new ferry berths

  • 7'

    long pontoons

  • 8,600,000

    annual journeys by 2025