Ports & Logistics

Outer Harbour Channel Widening Project
Flinders Ports

Widened channel from 130 metres to 170 metres
Doubled port capacity


There was an urgent need to widen the existing shipping channel and swing basin into the Port of Adelaide to accommodate larger and wider Post-Panamax vessels without operational restrictions.

TSA (as  ProManage) was engaged to lead the community, stakeholder engagement and communications for this significant infrastructure project on behalf of Flinders Ports. The project involved widening the existing outer harbour shipping channel from 130 meters to 170 meters, with 1.55 million cubic meters of dredged material to be placed approximately 30 kilometers off-shore in Gulf St Vincent.

The project was completed early 2020, and Flinders Ports is now experiencing an unprecedented number of Post-Panamax ships and passenger cruise ships to Port Adelaide. This project was crucial to enhancing the bulk import / export and tourism markets to South Australia and is already being heralded as a success for Flinders Ports and the state of South Australia.