Ports & Logistics

Production Facility LED Lighting Replacement

Over 700 light fittings
24/7 operational facility
Complex access

Coca-Cola Production Facility

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners engaged TSA to project manage the LED lighting replacement in the production facility at Richlands, Queensland. Over seven hundred light fittings were replaced, with a new lighting layout to improve light distribution and quality.

Opportunities to replace lights were limited as the site is operational 24 hours per day with only limited downtime for maintenance of equipment. The team was able to make use of a scheduled shutdown of production, requiring expedited time frames for procurement of the contractor and the light fittings.

Collaborating with the contractor, TSA developed staging plans to document the work and priority of each area. Over half the light fitting were in difficult to access locations, over complex production lines or large equipment that required boom lifts or scaffolding. Access and installation was further complicated by a multitude of overhead gantries, walkways, suspended pipework and fire sprinklers.


TSA has received positive feedback about the light quality and how much brighter the space is, providing an improved working environment that is safer for the employees Coca-Cola Europacific Partners.