Ports & Logistics

Sydney Wharf Upgrade Program
Client: Roads and Maritime Services
21 wharves delivered, 3 under development, 9 future upgrades


The wharf upgrade program was the first real maritime-based job that Roads and Maritime Services had undertaken, which meant that their project procedures and framework for road projects couldn’t be applied. TSA had to design the strategy for delivering the work, how we would design a plan, even construction techniques were unfamiliar to those on a maritime job.

TSA took over the day to day running of the project from the client. Our people were in roles covering reporting, planning for next stage of work at a high level and project managers delivering the jobs. Our integrated project team of five covers the project from start to finish.

The program has been going for a number of years, with 14 wharves now complete, and another 12 to go, followed by wharves on private ferry routes. When complete wharves will all look the same across Sydney Harbour, providing accessibility for all.

  • 21wharves delivered

  • 3under development

  • 9future upgrades