Alice Springs Plaza Redevelopment
Client: Alice Plaza Property Syndicate Pty Ltd

Based on a client recommendation, TSA has been engaged at a late project stage to provide client-side design management services for the Alice Springs Plaza Redevelopment. This significant redevelopment will gentrify the existing shopping centre and deliver a new hotel, office space and apartments.

An early development concept was prepared prior to TSA’s engagement; however, it is now being decided whether the project will retain the original concept or re-tender. TSA is exploring an alternative approach to limit expenditure and maximise the percentage return on investment. Our team is currently coordinating the architect to prepare 2 alternative options. Once finalised, TSA will present these options to the client for their decision, before proceeding to run the design development and planning process to get planning approval.

Our team will then prepare and maintain the project’s design management program, including the procurement and engagement of consultants and builders. We will assist in the selection of suitable services engineering and planning consultants and organise and lead design meetings. Responsible for the design teams’ progress, TSA will actively manage design coordination in accordance with the design management program and project milestones.