Parramatta Light Rail, Third Party Agreements, NSW

Transport for New South Wales

12 key parties, 16 new stops, 12 kilometres 

The Parramatta Light Rail (PLR) will support growth and renewal in the region and help to deliver places that attract people to live, work and visit. The spine of the light rail network will bring destinations and precincts in Greater Parramatta closer together, enabling it to function as a productive, liveable and exciting CBD.

Stage 1 will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia, with a two-way track spanning 12km. The first stage is expected to open in 2023. The route will link Parramatta’s CBD and train station to:

  • Westmead Health precinct
  • Parramatta North Urban Transformation Program
  • The new Western Sydney Stadium
  • The Camellia Precinct
  • The relocated Powerhouse Museum
  • The private and social housing redevelopment at Telopea
  • Rosehill Racecourse
  • Three Western Sydney University campuses.

TSA Advisory was engaged by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to provide commercial advisory services including:

  • Interface management services associated with the development and procurement of utility and third party agreements.
  • Procurement assistance during the development phase of the project, incorporating third party requirements into procurement documents.

TSA is bringing a mix of senior level experience to this vital role for PLR, combining large project planning, property understanding and negotiation skills.

The TSA team is working to capture all third party requirements into the various delivery contracts. This involves negotiation and documentation of detailed agreements with key stakeholders, including: City of Parramatta Council, NSW Health, Urban Growth NSW, Land and Housing Corporation, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), Sydney Trains, Australian Turf Club and all affected utility providers.

Negotiation of third party agreements for complex linear projects such as a light rail requires significant agility and adaptability. Rather than bring a ‘boiler plate’ solution to this role, the TSA team has worked closely with TfNSW and the various stakeholders to distil project issues into manageable, agreement structures. A continuous feedback and approval loop has been developed to allow the expediting of agreements, while ensuring the team is working within approved parameters.

A major achievement for the project has been securing design approvals from the City of Parramatta Council. The TSA team has developed a staged approval structure that secures the necessary agreements with council, whilst providing latitude for ongoing innovation and improvement.

  • 12key parties

  • 16new stops

  • 12kilometres