Suburban Rail Loop
Client: Suburban Rail Loop Authority

Victoria’s 90km Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) will link every major railway line across Melbourne’s middle suburbs, from Cheltenham in the South-East to Werribee in the South-West, to better connect locals to employment, health, education, and retail centres. Since 2020, TSA has provided project management and advisory services, with a substantial team of seconded personnel fulfilling key roles within the Suburban Rail Loop Authority.

As Victoria’s largest-ever transportation investment and one of the top 5 most significant rail projects globally, the SRL will create a new ring rail network around Melbourne, facilitating direct connections between its suburban communities without the need for detours through Melbourne’s CBD.

Stage 1, encompassing 13 kilometres of twin-driven tunnels and the construction of 6 new stations between Cheltenham and Box Hill in Melbourne’s East, is scheduled for completion by 2031. Members of both TSA’s Projects and Advisory teams are providing development scope definition, delivery assurance, project and engineering management, and technical advisory services on SRL to help reshape how Victorians travel and connect well into the future.

Upon completion, the SRL project will feature a dedicated fleet of state-of-the-art trains and is anticipated to accommodate 210,000 passengers daily, significantly alleviating road congestion, reducing pollution, and shortening local travel commute times.