Carbon reduction of 45%

Reductions amounted to 6.6m kg CO2-e

Investa are the first property group in Australia to commit to net zero carbon by 2040. TSA was engaged to define embodied carbon design, development and tenancy controls plans to  allow Investa to achieve their sustainable investment policy goal.
TFC completed a whole of portfolio, whole of life cycle carbon footprint model to quantify carbon emissions by assets, new development, tenancy fitout and capital works and model mitigation scenarios to achieve the target.

Embodied carbon Net Zero quotas we defined across three major phases align with the
capacity of the sector to respond. A key element was the embodied carbon
benchmarking of their capital works design standards and providing advice on design
modifications necessary to achieve Net Zero policy objectives. This included visual
benchmarking of design to gain asset management stakeholder endorsement.
Investa’s ‘High Performance Design Guidelines’ have integrated the embodied carbon
performance targets for various standard designs and briefs to help embed practice from inception and influence the supply chain (i.e. embodied carbon targets in kg CO2/m2 by design type).

The Investa office in Sydney was the initial pilot project with an embodied carbon reduction of 30% over the concept design reference achieved and a capital savings of approximately $50,000. Following the pilot, an average embodied carbon reduction of 45% was achieved in the first year across 7 capital works projects. Reductions amounted to 6.6m kg CO2-e in absolute terms. Results of the capital works implementation for the first year.