20% reduction in retailer operating energy intensity

20% embodied carbon reduction

Lendlease’s commitment to sustainability extended to features such as a 20% reduction in retailer operating energy intensity; 20% embodied carbon reduction and the measurement of the precinct overall ecological footprint.

TFC’s online software platform was customised for Lendlease to support multiple environmental assessment targets. The Lendlease Design team used the platform to calculate the embodied carbon footprint of the base buildings, tenancies and public realm. The team applied it to materials scenario analysis to identify and quantify pathways to achieve the required 20% reduction target.

The Retail Design team used the software to assess the life cycle (materials and operational carbon) of 88 retail tenancy fitouts, including providing detailed carbon design reviews, advice and defecting (achieving an overall average of 30% improvement). TFC carried out the overall precinct ecological footprint assessment which validated world leadership.