95,000m2 redevelopment

40% embodied carbon reduction

30% emissions reduction

$295m 95,000m2 redevelopment of the Australian National University (ANU) core, Kambri sets world class environmental performance outcomes in an exceptionally challenging commercial environment. A key project objective was performance consistent with the concept of ‘restorative’ using the One Planet rating scheme.
TFC established masterplan level carbon performance control brief and a cascading set of whole of life carbon (operating and embodied) ‘not-to exceed’ carbon metrics in kg CO2-e / sqm by building and element. The Construction Manager (Lendlease) and the design team (BVN / Aspect) integrated these controls into the design process. The result was a 40% embodied carbon and operational carbon reduction (which also delivered construction cost savings of $1.5m). TFC also set operating carbon performance controls for retail tenancies and supported design and validation modelling for 36 tenancies with an average 30% emissions reduction and $4000 / a cost reduction.