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29 October 2019

Coaching helps to find balance

Brisbane based Project Manager, Kiera Leggereit is transitioning back to work at a pace she feels works for her, her family and her projects.

“My daughter, Frankie is baby number two and my parental leave experience compared to when I had my son Ben, has been totally different.”

“At the end of my first parental leave, I changed job and moved to a new city. But being in a new role, with a new company, in a new city, as a first-time mum was by far the hardest thing I’ve experienced in my career.”

“Eventually after a difficult period I made the tough decision to leave that role, but I did learn a lot and it gave me an opportunity to join TSA.”

Kiera said her journey returning to work the second time has been much more positive.

“I kept in touch with work throughout my leave and made sure I took time out for myself away from the children to ease separation anxiety. I’ve agreed to slowly transition back on a part-time basis with flexible arrangements, which has really helped.”

“As my return to work date approached, at first I panicked and extended it by a couple of months.  However, following an overseas family holiday I changed my mind and started transitioning back earlier. Travelling with kids can have that effect. TSA has been fantastically accommodating of my changes.”

During her leave, Kiera kept an active role on the Women in Design and Construction (WIDAC) national committee and continued to attend events and meetings.

“This was very useful as it helped me to feel like I was still something other than a parent and kept my brain active outside of homelife.”

TSA also provides Parental Leave Coaching ahead of returning to work, which includes three sessions with a professional coach, and one session where the team member’s manager is involved.

“The coaching program was really valuable. The coach takes the time to understand your career, training, your aspirations and goals for the next phase of work and how you envision this balanced with your life as a parent.”

“I absolutely love what I do so I think I can get a bit over-excited and tend to take on too much too soon. My coach Lisa reminded me of how important balance is and worked with me to come up with some goals and strategies to achieve this.”

After managing projects in the education and aged care sectors, Kiera is now working on an aviation project, which she is grabbing with both hands.”

“Both my partner and I work in the industry on opposite sides (he’s a builder) so there are a lot of construction related toys, books and discussions in our house. We’ll have to now bring in some aviation related things for the kids.”

“I love being back on a project and in a new sector. My four-year-old is currently the biggest challenge in my life. He’s a beautiful and super emotional little human so getting him dressed, fed and out the door is very difficult and takes FOREVER. The baby is starting to move now so keeping her out of things is starting to be tricky.”

“It’s great to know I have TSA’s support to work flexibly, and I’m grateful for the company’s approach to transitioning their staff back to work after parental leave. The continuing super contributions were amazing also ?.”

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