Criminal Justice System Reform

Department of Premier and Cabinet
18 recommendations, 61 projects within the program, 7 office locations

A multi-agency Program Management Office (PMO) has been established within the Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC). The purpose of the PMO is to drive sustainable, system-level reform, in order to address the significant pressures on Queensland’s criminal justice system. This was a response to recommendations made by the Queensland Productivity Commission (QPC). The PMO was tasked with the delivery of 61 distinct projects and initiatives.

The strategic objective of the program was to deliver the reform recommendations outlined by the QPC in relation to significant recidivism rates in Queensland. While the delivery of the Queensland Criminal Justice System Reform Program is ongoing, it is intended that once implemented, the reforms will likely result in significant reductions in the size of the prison population.

TSA Advisory supported the PMO, by providing services to assist definition and implementation of these projects. In particular, TSA Advisory played a key role in the provision of specialist, agile program management support, to deliver the reform program of work by:
– Collaborating with central agency and criminal justice responsible officers to design ongoing delivery and implementation approaches.
– Delivering project blueprints that improve comprehension, transparency and visibility of program management across the workforce and stakeholder network.
– Enhancing momentum and integration of criminal justice system reform program of works.
– Evaluating the quality of implementation planning to date.

  • 18recommendations

  • 61 projects

  • 7 office locations