14 June 2022

Congratulations to our two new Principals!

Congratulations to John Nasr and Leon Gray on their well-earned promotions to Principal. These promotions give them increased scope to continue delivering their unique experience and expertise for our clients.

John Nasr is a highly regarded expert in systems engineering. He uses a systems-thinking led approach to help clients optimise project development, operations, asset performance and organisational effectiveness.

He has advised on several major projects, including Melbourne Airport Rail, Geelong Fast Rail, Suburban Rail Loop, NSW Regional Rail Fleet, Victoria’s New Rolling Stock Program, Barwon Heads Road Duplication, the Chevron Jansz-IC Project, and Defence’s Land 400 and Land 907, to name a few. During this time, he has not only supported the development and delivery of these projects, but has supported their respective organisations implement systems approaches to planning, asset management, operations, value engineering, systems assurance and risk management. John has held the role of President of the Systems Engineering Society of Australia (INCOSE Australia) for the last two years and is the Technical Expert Trainer for Engineers Australia’s ‘Introduction to Systems Engineering for Transport’.

John’s work helps ensure our clients deliver infrastructure and systems for their communities, which operate as intended and are cost-effective over the whole of their life.

Leon Gray has had a very diverse career. He provided technical advice in high-risk environments before transitioning to management consulting. He uses his experience to bring together diverging stakeholders and help clients manage complex issues in high-risk settings.

He recently worked with Victoria Police to solve procurement, project management and stakeholder issues on a state-of-the-art training facility. He also worked with VicRoads to develop market changing procurement methods for the Safer Roads program. His work helped achieve enhanced value for money for taxpayers, as well as safer roads. Leon has also worked across Australia and Africa to help solve complex technical, geographical and stakeholder challenges around the critical issue of mine waste.

Leon’s unique ability to find consensus in tricky settings and solve thorny problems helps his clients improve outcomes for the communities they work in.

Congratulations to John and Leon! We know our clients will continue getting great value from their advice.

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