Contract Services & Dispute Resolution

Our Contract Services & Dispute Resolution team provides contract advice as well as claims and litigation support in all project phases, from development through to delivery and operation. We have experience in public infrastructure and the energy and resources sectors.

  • Contract and Procurement Strategy Advice.
  • Risk Strategy Advice.
  • Advising on the practical implication of contract terms.
  • Drafting, preparing, negotiating, and administering contracts.
  • Troubleshooting and health checks during project delivery.
  • Preparing, analysing, and assessing claims for delay, disruption, and quantum.
  • Preparing expert reports and providing testimony for adjudication, arbitration, and litigation.
  • Providing forensic analysis of the evidence relevant to contractual disputes.

Our specialists bring years of industry expertise to the table. They are able to apply knowledge spanning a diverse range of contract styles and jurisdictions to provide advice that can only come from years of experience.


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Adrian Hobbs  

Adrian Hobbs, Managing Principal

Adrian is a qualified civil engineer with extensive experience acting for client and contractor organisations in project development, the development of contracting strategies and assessment of variation claims, extension of time claims and expert witness reports. This includes assisting in mediation, adjudication and arbitration, and acting as Expert Witness. He has written more than 35 expert reports and is experienced in giving testimony, and being cross examined in legal proceedings.

Louise Duffy  

Louise Duffy, Managing Principal

Louise, who has a Bachelor of Laws, advises clients on delivery and contractual models, and appropriate risk allocation mechanisms. She has led numerous transactions through effective procurement and negotiation to successful contractual close and financial close. Her recent projects include Queensland Urban Utilities SCADA upgrade, Gold Coast Rapid Transit, Seqwater Dam Improvement Program, Melbourne Metropolitan Train and Tram Refranchising Project, and the Douglas Shoal Remediation Project.

Bruce Riddle  

Bruce Riddle, Principal

Bruce has provided claims, contract, risk and due diligence advice to Sydney Metro, Lend Lease, Department of Justice (NSW), Sydney Catchment Authority, Family and Community Services (NSW), Momentum Trains and NSW Health Infrastructure. He has also advised on claims and disputes in South Africa and the United Kingdom covering a diverse range or projects including a large immigration detention centre, abortive bid cost claims for Health-sector PPP projects and the restoration of a sea-side Victorian Pier.

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