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We are a group of people who manage, consult and partner with industry professionals to radically improve public and private utilities and infrastructure through projects both big and small. Sometimes we help build, other times we advise. We always collaborate for an outcome with a positive impact.

We have large scale project and consulting engagements in infrastructure and health. If you are looking to relocate, we want to talk to you!

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Working with TSA, you’ll understand that we’re about one thing. People.

Working with TSA, you’ll understand that we’re about one thing. People.
More than the sum of our parts*. As individuals we’re strong but when we come together, big things happen. Above all, our people believe in collaboration and how it can effect radical change.

Collaboration is a deeply human activity. More than just working together, it’s about working towards shared goals.

Our culture of collaboration extends to every dimension of our business. Whether an internal team of two or part of a complex project with multiple stakeholders, TSA people believe the compound interest of our diverse skills and backgrounds helps us achieve more together.

We’re project people, it’s who we are.

*With thanks to Aristotle who said it best, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

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