We collaborate with our clients to solve complex problems. We are known for the subject matter expertise and creative solutions that we bring to any consulting challenge. We inject the right people, with the right skills, at the right time to unlock positive community outcomes

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Capital Governance, Strategy & Investment Advisory

Our Capital Governance, Strategy & Investment Advisory team advises federal, state and local government, and private sector clients, on key governance and strategic and investment decisions that align with our clients’ needs. We provide a range of advisory services including:

  • Infrastructure and service strategy development
  • Capital growth
  • Governance and enterprise risk
  • Energy transition
  • Sustainability and disaster recovery
  • Business case development
  • Delivery model assessment
  • Economic and financial appraisal.

We help clients achieve strategic outcomes that balance economic growth, the impact of technological innovation, policy, environmental and social objectives. We apply a collaborative and end-user focused approach, challenging the status quo to create a clearer picture. This enables informed and justified investment decisions.

Procurement Strategy & Transaction Management 

Our Procurement Strategy and Transaction Management team works with state and federal governments, and private sector clients to advise on commercial matters and procurement strategies and transactions.

Our work spans a range of project types, from small, highly specialised procurements, to some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest, most complex mega-projects.
We specialise in a range of delivery models including Public-Private Partnerships, collaborative contracting models and private finance advisory. We also advise on traditional models. Our team has experience across all sectors including rail, road, health, justice, housing, tourism and utilities.

What We Do

Contract Services & Dispute Resolution

Our Contract Services & Dispute Resolution team provides contract advice as well as claims and litigation support in all project phases, from development through to delivery and operation. We have experience in public infrastructure and the energy and resources sectors.
Contract Services includes:

  • Drafting, preparing, negotiating, and administering contracts
  • Troubleshooting and health checks during project delivery
  • Preparing, analysing, and assessing claims for delay, disruption, and quantum
  • Preparing expert reports and providing testimony for adjudication, arbitration, and litigation
  • Providing forensic analysis of the evidence relevant to contractual disputes.

Communications & Stakeholder Engagement  

Our highly-experienced Communications & Stakeholder Engagement team works with state and federal governments, infrastructure agencies, industry groups and private sector businesses to design and manage fit-for-purpose stakeholder and community engagement plans to achieve our clients’ strategic needs. We provide:

  • Strategic communications advice
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Indigenous engagement, facilitation
  • Land access and acquisition negotiations
  • Issues and media management for reputation management and protection.
  • Our strategies and solutions improve the wellbeing and quality-of-life of stakeholders. We make a difference to communities through collaborative decision-making, partnership and engagement.


Construction & Delivery Assurance 

Our Construction & Delivery Assurance team advises government, private sector operators and construction contractors to help deliver complex infrastructure projects. We work across sectors, but have deep, specialist expertise in transport infrastructure. We work across the project lifecycle, from inception through to delivery, commissioning, and operational phases.
Construction and Delivery Assurance services include:

  • Staging plans and construction methodology
  • Construction programs
  • Market capacity assessment for head contractors, specialist subcontractors and suppliers
  • Stakeholder impacts including transport commuters, local communities and businesses
  • Risk assessment, risk modelling and project controls, and project management plans
  • Delivery management, project development and operational readiness and handover management
  • Due diligence assessments
  • Life cycle modelling, cost estimating, auditing and certification.

Asset Systems, Operations & Performance

Our Asset Systems, Operations & Performance team have a unique approach to planning, delivering and operating infrastructure and services. We put operational and asset performance at the heart of every project and contract. Unified under a common ‘Systems Thinking’-led framework, we work with clients to realise the full potential of infrastructure to deliver social, environmental and economic objectives.

Our clients include government, infrastructure agencies, and infrastructure and service operators and maintainers across the asset lifecycle. Our team combines their deep domain expertise with strategic and technical expertise. Our services include:

  • Systems engineering advice
  • Asset performance optimization
  • Facilities management
  • Operations strategy and planning
  • Commercial advice on operations and maintenance model.

Each of these can be a stand-alone service, however, our clients often realise additional value by integrating these offerings across all phases of a project and contract to optimise performance and minimise whole-of-life cost.

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Real World Experience

TSA Advisory traces its roots back to Evans & Peck, known for comprehensive strategic advice, deep engineering excellence and delivery expertise. As part of TSA Management, TSA Advisory collaborates, with and has access to, the experience of TSA’s premium Project Management offering, TSA Projects.
Our solid project delivery foundation comprises a deep understanding of the unique needs, challenges and opportunities in the delivery of different types of infrastructure, in different regions. It means our advice is commercial and pragmatic, and assures our clients of the quality of our recommended procurement and delivery methods. It also helps mitigate delivery risks and construction disputes.

Understanding Our Community

Our clients operate in a world of increasing public scrutiny and growing community expectations around value, equity, amenity and environmental outcomes. To deliver on-time and on-budget, they need to consider communities’ wants and needs from the start of every project.
Our teams, no matter their discipline or project phase, view the projects they are advising on from the perspective of the communities the projects will serve. Our people can identify potential future community engagement issues early. This allows our clients to deal with community concerns before they become an issue that holds up projects or creates unwanted headlines.

How We Work