Whitmore Cohousing Village, Christchurch

Community housing
Sustainable design
Social connectedness

TSA’s mission is about positive impact and the legacy we help generate for the communities in which we work. Having the opportunity to work on the proposed Whitmore Cohousing Village as Development Manager has been a very rewarding experience for TSA’s Christchurch based South Island team.

An important cornerstone for a community housing project, the Whitmore development in Christchurch plans to build energy-efficient attached homes for residents to buy while taking joint ownership of a garden, play areas, a community house, and other shared facilities. With social connectedness being a key driver of wellbeing and resilience, the development will create a positive impact through opportunities for social connection to its residents.

Whitmore’s plans are based on successful communities overseas and in the North Island and places a strong emphasis on sustainable design solutions and fostering a spirit of connection and support among residents. As such, the design and concept planning of the village has involved extensive input from potential residents through interactive design workshops to facilitate collaborative design solutions.

Due to the evolving nature of the project and active scope, development management has been required to help ensure key requirements are met in a manner that provides good economic returns. TSA has been acting as Development Manager, with the team providing strategic advice through the concept planning and design stages. This has covered development processes, legal structure and governance, feasibility modelling, and design management.

TSA will continue to provide support on this exciting project and are engaged to manage delivery of the project as it progresses into construction.