Terminal 2 Airside Development Program
Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) Pty Ltd

The Terminal 2 Airside Development Program involved the expansion of Melbourne Airport’s international terminal to address issues associated with forecast aviation capacity shortfalls (specifically international passenger capacity); outbound baggage systems; and maintaining acceptable levels of passenger and airline service. The program comprises the delivery of four major projects: North Infill project, Satellite Expansion project and the Terminal Services Building 4 (TSB4) project; The Pier C Swing Gates project, along with several other smaller projects.

TSA was seconded into Melbourne Airport’s Project Management group to provide professional services during the planning, design and delivery phases of the program. This included managing the external project management consultant, APAM’s independent quantity surveyor and the design consultant teams on each project; overseeing the managing contractor tender process with two tier 1 head contractors; liaising with key business unit and operational stakeholders and facilitating APAM and airport approvals. With all works taking place in a high risk, regulated operational, secure and sensitive environment, TSA was also responsible for achieving regulatory approvals, including Airport Building Controller (ABC), Airport Environment Officer (AEO) Australian Border Forces, CASA and Airservices.