Newmarket Train Station
Client: Auckland Transport
Project value: NZ$70 million

The Newmarket railway station serves the Southern, Onehunga and Western lines of the Auckland railway network. It is the second-busiest station in the network. The station was rebuilt as part of KiwiRail’s Developing Auckland’s Rail Transport (DART) program to accommodate the current and projected commuter traffic and electrification proposals. KiwiRail are owners of the railway line, with Auckland Transport responsible for the design, build, operation and maintenance of Auckland’s railway network facilities.

The Newmarket redevelopment was considered one of the most challenging in the whole upgrade of Auckland’s railway network. During the complete rebuilt of the station, the challenges included the interface with the construction of an adjacent carpark, apartments and Broadway retail square. It was also necessary to close the station for the rebuild. During this time two temporary stations were built to ensure the train service was uninterrupted with construction happening over a live rail corridor.

This landmark railway station positively integrates with the local environment while accommodating future operational requirements and long-term passenger growth. The cost effective, low maintenance, sustainable and highly durable building provides a spacious, secure, sheltered and comfortable environment for commuters.

TSA provided stakeholder liaison, consent management, value management, design management, procurement (management of contract tender, evaluation, negotiations and award process), contract administration, 3rd party commercial management, risk management, cost control, safety overview and inspections.

The station and its architects, Opus and Herriot + Melhuish Architects, won best building award in the “Urban Design” category in 2011, awarded by the New Zealand Institute of Architects.