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NLA Offsite Storage
National Library of Australia

176km on-site shelving
130km off-site shelving
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The National Library of Australia (NLA) has three collection storage facilities, totalling 261 shelf kilometres. 176km of this is in the NLA building in Parkes, ACT, with the remaining 85km in two adjacent buildings in Hume. At the time, the library anticipated running out of storage space by 2025. NLA concluded that an additional 130km of off-site storage would be required by 2025, and began exploring options to deliver a long-term storage solution.

TSA examined a range of options and prepared a strategic assessment report for the Library. The report included a whole-of-life financial analysis, with recommendations for one or more options that can be examined via a market testing exercise.

The report was a prerequisite step to undertaking an initial business case, which will align with the ‘Property Management Framework, Two Stage Capital Works Approval Process’  from the Department of Finance.