Aged Care

Long Tan Village
Client: RSL LifeCare
Project value: AU$65 million

TSA has a long relationship with RSL LifeCare. This project is a new kind of venture for RSL LifeCare. We were engaged to help them anticipate what was needed from a strategic, operations and staffing point of view.

A developer found a master site down the west end of Newcastle and put concept drawings together following the vision to create an urban village for the aged care space.

The construction of the 14 storey vertical aged care building is currently underway and what makes it unique is it captures all the benefits of retirement and nursing care in the one building where traditionally they would have been on a separated large site.

There are a number of consultants, developers and funders involved. The project has a really local feel to it. Everybody has a vested interest in the outcome because it sits in the centre of town. It will be the 3rd or 4th tallest building in Newcastle.

The whole project delivery team, including ours, are proud of the work they’re doing. Our role is to help people not lose sight of what the client wants, and ensure everyone is playing their part in the bigger picture.

For more about the project, visit the RSL LifeCare website.