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Australian Jewish War Memorial
Jewish Memorial Centre


TSA worked with the Jewish community to undertake a series of substantial building upgrades to the existing National Jewish Memorial Centre site. We were privileged to be involved in such a meaningful project, centred on legacy and honouring the past.

Acting as trusted advisor to the client, TSA helped them achieve their vision with respect and sensitivity. We became involved during the initial design phase, uniting the needs of the client, architects and budget. The project necessitated an intricately paced construction schedule and ongoing consideration of effective security measures.

The Jewish Memorial Centre includes a cenotaph displaying the names of Australian Jews who have lost their lives to conflict. The upgrade required new support frames for this cenotaph, and our team identified the potential for these frames to display additional appellations. Once completed, this upgrade was marked by a community service attended by the Governor General and Chief of the Defence Force. Knowing that they had contributed in some small way to something that meant so much to people, was a hugely rewarding moment for our team.

Understanding the  significance of this project to our client and the wider Jewish community, our team focused on really listening and responding to their needs to ensure we got it right. The project itself presented challenges, particularly in terms of funding and timing. Through collaboration and hard work, our team were rewarded by creating a cultural and religious focal point for members of the community. TSA have continued to work on a range of projects in collaboration with the Jewish community ever since.