The Cascade pools

Cequent were engaged to manage the design, consenting, procurement and construction of the new ‘Cascade Pools’ and ‘Conical Thrill hydroslide’ within the existing Hanmer Springs facility.
The Cascade pools include four new thermal pools and one new sulphur pool which incorporate extensive rock placement and waterfall features to give a truly natural pool environment. The Conical Thrill hydroslide includes the design and manufacturing of the fibreglass slide component from Canada and the extension of the existing hydroslide tower in order to gain the height required to propel riders up the vertical wall section of the slide.

The $4.5M project is complete and it’s fair to say the entire Cequent team are looking forward to heading to Hanmer Springs with their families for a test ride or two on the new Conical Thrill hydroslide and a bit of R&R in the Cascade pools!