Flinders Link Rail Extension
2200 more services per year
9000 commuter hours saved per year


The Flinders Link Rail Project is a 650m extension to the existing Tonsley rail line which will join the Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University to the Adelaide metropolitain rail network.

The Project features construction of an 520m elevated concrete viaduct to carry the rail line over the new Main South Road Upgrade Project to land at the new Flinders Station adjacent the existing Flinders Medical Centre facilities.

An exhaustive design, coordination and safety review process prepared the blueprint for an extensive foundation of civil works including CFA Piling and precast panel retaining wall systems and an intricate network of steel box girder structural elements.

Successful completion of these milestones will permit construction of an exacting rail infrastructure including track slabs, high voltage electrical, Signalling and train control systems, to ensure the new installation is handed over to the Rail Authority compliant with all Safety, Service and Operational Objectives.