Aged Care

Aberglasslyn Residential Aged Care Facility
Estia Health

115 bed RACF, Dementia Care


The Estia Aberglasslyn project site is a wooded grassland site in Maitland, NSW. It is proposed that the site will be developed to a new two-storey 115-bed residential aged care facility (RACF) providing assisted living and dementia care.

The development is comprised of houses that are each home to up to 20 residents. Each home will be staffed by carers who provide meals and assistance to residents. From a centrally located servery and nurses’ station, staff can observe the corridors, dining, sitting, outdoor courtyards and exercise areas, to ensure resident welfare.

TSA is the superintendent on the project, liaising with the builder and Estia Health to provide professional advice. We are also responsible for contract administration, design development and management, procurement management and tender management.

TSA is also assisting with planning approvals (DA) and S96 submissions.