3 states, 4 substations, 900km of high voltage lines.

TransGrid is partnering with ElectraNet to deliver a high voltage electricity interconnector between the power grids of starting at Robertstown, South Australia and finishing in Wagga Wagga, NSW with an added connection to Victoria (Red Cliffs), known collectively as Project EnergyConnect.

The project involves the construction of approximately 900kms of high voltage above-ground transmission line complete with four substations. This will reduce the cost of providing secure and reliable electricity transmission between NSW and SA, while facilitating the longer-term transition of the energy sector to low emission energy sources.

The commercial strategy on EnergyConnect is to engage an Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractor to deliver the entire project with TransGrid personnel managing the successful contractor.

Currently in the development phase, a Financial Investment Decision is due late 2020 with early works to begin in early 2021. Construction is due to start onsite in October 2021 and final completion is planned for December 2023 with contract close out expected mid 2024.

TSA is providing project controls management including the setup of cost management procedures within the project, assisting with the evaluation of the tenderers commercial and pricing schedules and monthly forecasting, reporting and updating schedule. We are also assisting with the submission of the monthly progress claims to the South Australian Government and drafting a cost management plan.

For more information about the project visit the TransGrid website.