Emergency Services Relocation Feasibility Study
Client:  ACT Emergency Services Agency

A newly completed upgrade for Fire and Rescue

This project involved the refurbishment of 12 ACT Fire and Rescue and ACT Ambulance service stations to achieve minimum response times.

TSA was a start-up consultant for three of the 12 facilities. We undertook due-diligence studies, developed functional design briefs, concept designs and completed a detailed business case. We oversaw the development of building ‘templates’ for installation on sites with existing facilities or greenfield sites across the Territory. The designs for these were developed to meet three separate sustainability standards identified as ‘baseline’, ‘best practice’ and ‘leading-edge’. This provided the client with flexibility in achieving a variety of sustainability outcomes.

The detailed business case required high levels of accurate financial modelling and contextual narrative, which were delivered in a truncated timeframe to meet ACT Treasury dates. We developed three pricing models to accommodate a range of sustainability options. Each of the design briefs were flexible so that they would apply to a range of sites. The models were developed to allow operational functionality and maintained service standards for emergency services.

TSA met the program for the project deliverables and successfully obtained funding through the ACT Treasury on behalf of ACT Justice and the Emergency Services Agency.

  • 12

    Fire and Rescue and Ambulance Stations

  • $80 Million

    approved in funding

  • 34

    Emergency vechiles