Canberra Light Rail
Client: Transport Canberra 
Project value: AU$700 million

Canberra’s light rail project is an important part of the ACT Government’s vision to deliver a sustainable and city as set out in The Canberra Plan (2008).  TSA was appointed by Transport Canberra as the Commercial Manager for the project, overseeing the public–private partnership (PPP) from February 2016 until May 2018, when the team was re-structured.

The Project Director for Stage 1 from November 2015 (and from January 2017, Stage 2 also) joined TSA  in April 2018, and continued to provide commercial and technical advice to the Stage 1 team 2 days per week until December 2018, and remains engaged on an ad hoc basis until opening in April 2019.

The project was delivered through a PPP via a consortium led by CPB-subsidiary Pacific Partnerships. Design and construction was via a joint venture between  John Holland, a subsidiary of Chinese giant CCCC and CPB Contractors, a CIMIC company.  Spanish firm CAF supplied the 14 trams and Germany’s Deutsche Bahn is a subcontractor to the operator, John Holland and UGL.

Construction on Stage 1, a 12km route from the City to Gunghalin, commenced mid-2016 and opened April 2019.