Barangaroo Stage 1B Remediation
Client: Barangaroo Development Authority
Project value: AU$1 billion

TSA was engaged to provide client-side project management and superintendent resources and services for overall site remediation of Barangaroo. The contamination, from a decommissioned gasworks, was divided into two projects. One under Hickson Road, closest to the original gasworks, and the other within the Barangaroo development.

TSA worked closely with Lendlease, environmental advisors, and the Environmental Protection Agency to develop the ex-situ remediation strategy sufficient to remove the EPA declaration and allow the proposed residential development of the site to continue.

TSA also led the successful contaminated land claim against the original polluter. The appointment of TSA to the project resulted in more active involvement on behalf of BDA. We provided oversight and management of the developers’ responsibilities and activities relating to the remediation and excavation works, resulting in greater control of outcomes, program and costs.