Adaptable Housing Project
Client: Housing ACT, Community Services Directorate
Project value: AU$2.1 million

An adaptable house is one that is safe and easy to use for occupants of all ages. It must be easily adaptable without costly alterations to suit occupants, now or in the future, who live with a disability.

TSA undertook the role of the principal’s authorised person. TSA’s strong contractual knowledge, surveillance of progress and strong construction knowledge led the project to success.

TSA delivered nine new dwellings across three separate sites, with each designed to achieve compliance with the Adaptable Class ‘C’ Code, AS 4299-1995. To do this detailed attention had to be made to the landscaping, security, car parking, signage, lighting, floor levels, entrances, doorways and circulation spaces, sanitary facilities, bedrooms, kitchen, living and laundry areas to ensure accessibility.

The project was part of the ACT Government commitment to renew Canberra’s urban areas and delivering a more sustainable public housing system.

For more information about adaptable and livable housing in Australia visit the Government Your Home website.