1 October 2020

Toll Grows its NZ Facilities

Toll approached TSA in mid-2019, after identifying the need for additional project management support. Toll wanted a team who could hit the ground running by offering expert advice in business transition and change management, whilst partnering with the local team to relocate their parcel and freight forwarding operations into their partially completed Toll Tamaki facility. Working at pace in an active construction site with live rail operations, all added to the complexity of the task. Nevertheless, Phase 1 of the transition was completed successfully in October 2019, just in time to accommodate the busy Christmas period.

Toll Group operates on a global scale across 50 countries and 1,200 locations with logistics solutions integrating road, rail, sea and air. To ensure they are continuing to meet their New Zealand customers’ needs now and into the future Toll Group recently invested $185 million in two new sites; Toll Tamaki, their New Zealand flagship facility in south Auckland, and Toll Aotea in Wellington.

Toll New Zealand’s purpose is to move the businesses that move the world, enabling New Zealand, Aotearoa to flourish; and that is exactly what they aim to do.

With the interim transition complete, TSA stayed for the full migration of operations into Toll Tamaki and was also engaged in managing the transition of operations into Toll Aotea. TSA applied their project management expertise across a wide range of operational transition activities including the re-engineering of operations and Health and Safety processes, transfer of assets to the new sites, information technology systems procurement and transfer, office relocations, and staff communications and engagement. In Wellington, the TSA team also assisted in the procurement and installation of the cargo scanner, weighbridge, security and signage.

Toll’s new Tamaki Facility


Due to the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown, the planned phased move of staff to the new facility was disrupted. Toll and TSA had to act fast and bought forward the final move of all remaining staff into Toll Tamaki. The team needed to ensure that they relocated to the new site before the official lockdown as Toll was required to vacate the previous premises before the termination of their lease, which was due during Alert Level 4.

Fast forward to now, the Toll Wellington and Auckland teams are thrilled with their new sites, and TSA is delighted to have assisted Toll in reaching their project goals.

The purpose-built Toll Tamaki facility consolidates three separate Auckland operations into one, with a 24,800 m2 freight cross-dock warehouse, 6,000m2 parcels warehouse, and more than 3,000m2 of office space. The facility also includes a double rail terminal.

The multi-modal Toll Aotea facility went live in July 2020 and services road, rail and the Inter-Islander ferry. The logistics hub is double the size of the previous Wellington facility and the 8,400m2 warehouse and adjoining office space sits on 18,000m2.

We wish the Toll Group all the best for the future in growing on these new foundations.

Toll Aotea

Toll Aotea Facility

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