17 June 2022

Future Healthcare – Record Investment in Health

As the focus shifts from containing COVID-19 and countries move towards the next phase of the pandemic, the World Health Organisation is urging nations to “build back better”. 

The New Zealand and Australian Governments are heeding this advice, with record investment in health announced in the 2022-23 budgets. Governments now know that under-investment in healthcare puts us on the back foot in responding to crises, and it is time to invest in health.

In 2021, the NZ Government announced major New Zealand health system reforms. These reforms aim to provide a more equitable, accessible, cohesive and people-centred system that will improve the health of all New Zealanders. To transform the public health system, two new organisations are being established. The first will combine the 20 District Health Boards into one organisation: ‘Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand’ (Health NZ). The second is Te Aka Whai Ora: Māori Health Authority which will provide new leadership on hauora Māori.

Additional funding has been allocated to enable the new health entities to start off on a solid footing. There has also been an additional $1.3 billion for health infrastructure. Funding will go towards the first stage of the redevelopment of Whangarei Hospital, Nelson Hospital and a new inpatient mental health unit at Hillmorton. This is on top of the $6 billion already committed by the Government. In his post-Budget health speech, Minister for Health, the Hon Andrew Little said “It is a timely reminder that there is large queue of infrastructure projects waiting…. because of Budget 2022, Health New Zealand in collaboration with the Māori Health Authority will now be able to plan coherently and consistently for a future hospital estate that will reflect the needs of regional networks and the nationwide health system”.

Across the ditch in Australia, the Federal and State Governments have also ramped up spending on health infrastructure with billions of dollars in investments committed to ensure Australians have access to improved healthcare. There is also additional funding for nurses, doctors, paramedics and health services as the reality of how vital they are hits home.

The significant planned investment in health infrastructure across APAC raises the question of how Governments will find the people and resources to deliver these projects. TSA’s Health Team has been leveraging market-led innovation by using a Very Early Contractor Involvement (VECI) procurement model on projects in NSW (where infrastructure investment has been ramping up). This model allows us to drive innovation in the design and construction process and facilitate early engagement with the subcontractor market, leading to better outcomes for our clients. We see these types of partnerships as critical to successfully delivering projects.

Our team has also been involved in design changes due to the pandemic, making our hospitals safer for staff, patients and visitors. Well-maintained, quality facilities will help New Zealand and Australia respond quickly should another global health emergency occur.

TSA’s Health Experience

Our Contribution in New Zealand

Over the past year, TSA has worked closely with the Health Infrastructure Unit (HIU) within the Ministry of Health to guide the pathway for better investment and delivery of health infrastructure. The HIU has recently completed its transition to Health NZ.

TSA’s Karen Mitchell was seconded to the Ministry of Health’s Executive Leadership Team in the newly created role of Deputy Director-General of Infrastructure.

This role was responsible for enhancing the Ministry’s stewardship role and improving the approach to investment planning, prioritisation, and project delivery. She also focused on enhancing stakeholder relationships, including with District Health Boards and Ministers.

In addition to Karen’s role within the HIU, TSA’s Peter SchroderChris Watson and Sharyn Pilbrow also assisted the Ministry of Health with advisory services.

Our Contribution in Australia

Reflecting on the significant investment in New South Wales and Queensland over the last decade, we considered the lessons learned from this investment and how we can take these learnings and apply them to other regions.

TSA’s Health Planning, Advisory and Projects experts, draw on their knowledge and experience and apply structured approaches and processes to deliver better value for money and, consequently, more fit-for-purpose facilities that maximise excellent health outcomes.

This experience is demonstrated by their work on the planning and delivery of significant health infrastructure projects in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Our expertise in business case writing is also significant, we have successfully completed multiple business cases for NSW Health Infrastructure (for projects ranging between $30m and $550m), Building Queensland and the Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority.

Opening in 2023, the AU$723.3m Tweed Valley Hospital is the largest regional capital health investment by the NSW Government to date.

As one of Australasia’s largest health project management and advisory firms, TSA has a wealth of experience and expertise in supporting health delivery agencies. We have worked on billion-dollar investments in Australia through to smaller organisational transformations in New Zealand and Australian regional areas. Our team is best known for its expertise in front-end project work, setting projects up for successful delivery – including contemporary health facility planning, design management, business cases and guiding project direction.

TSA is excited to be involved in the pipeline of health projects across our region. By leveraging our experience through our ‘one team’ approach, our Projects and Advisory resources work closely together, regardless of location, to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

Read more about our Health Experience.

Our Health Experts

Health Advisory

Peter Lawless, Health Sector Lead

Our Health Sector Lead, Peter Lawless has over 25 years’ experience delivering complex infrastructure. He has held the role of Regional Director with NSW Health Infrastructure, which saw him managing over AU$2 billion in live projects across two local health districts. He also held a key role in New South Wales’s COVID-19 response, leading the Ventilator Rapid Innovation Project in response to the significant risk of ventilator shortages.

Alyssa Muche, Project Director

Alyssa has over 20 years’ experience specialising in the health sector across project management and engineering. She has led the strategic planning and delivery of a diverse range of public and private health projects. Alyssa is a strategic operator with strength in driving a value-based outcomes. She is currently working on the Accelerated Infrastructure Development Program (AIDP) and Business Case Master Programming for Queensland Health.

Peter Schroder, Senior Associate

Peter has over 20 years’ experience in senior commercial, policy and delivery roles within the public sector. He has worked with the Ministry of Health on the development of investment strategy, investment management framework and prioritisation for future investment in health infrastructure. Peter was seconded into HIU’s Investment Monitoring team, this role included designing and implementing improvements to the HIU’s information collection, risk analysis, and reporting functions.

Andrew Greig, Associate Director

Andrew is an experienced Business Case Lead and Project Director with over 16 years’ experience in the planning and delivery of complex projects. Andrew has played a leading role in the planning of some of the most complex social infrastructure projects in Australia, including the Randwick Campus Redevelopment and Westmead Hospital Redevelopment. He is currently leading the development of the 15-Year Master Plan for Health Support Queensland.

Leigh Gilshenan, Project Director

With a background in architecture, Leigh has 19 years’ experience working within the construction industry. Her strength is in leading teams through planning and design, particularly in the feasibility and schematic design phases. Leigh’s inherent leadership qualities, architectural background and experience in design management ensure the successful delivery of our health projects. Leigh is currently the project lead on the AU$479m, Ryde Hospital Redevelopment in Sydney.

Health Planning

Robyn Brigden, Lead Health Planner

Senior Health Services and Facility Planner, Robyn Brigden, has over 20 years’ experience in high-level operational and strategic positions within the Health Care Sector. Her in-depth understanding of health service delivery enables Robyn to effectively translate health service needs into facility planning and delivery documentation, resulting in service delivery driven project outcomes. Robyn has led numerous large-scale health projects as well as taking the lead on many recent post-occupancy evaluations.

Andrew Bott, Project Director & Senior Health Planner

Andrew is an experienced health service executive, health planner and project manager with 30 years’ experience working in the health sector. He has a proven track record in health service management and project management as well as initiating, leading and implementing change management strategies. Andrew’s extensive knowledge of health care environments across a range of acute and sub-acute clinical and nonclinical settings has been gained from work on large complex health projects.

Naomi Byrnes, Senior Health Planner

Naomi has 20 years’ experience in the health care industry. She is a skilled Health Planner who understands the importance of the upfront planning process in the success of a major health facility development to support new models of care and service. Her expertise includes knowledge of current health policies and emerging clinical trends and models, health facility planning and a thorough understanding of the Process of Facility Planning.

Carla Edwards, Senior Health Planner

With over 20 years’ experience in leadership roles in healthcare service delivery, redesign, co- design and project management, Carla has robust strategic management and implementation skills. She combines creative innovative applications and ideas with business strategy and evidence-based knowledge to improve the patient and carer experience of care, and health outcomes. Carla is currently working on the AU$300m Rouse Hill Hospital Development on agreenfield site in North-West Sydney.

Natalie Irwin, Senior Health Planner

Natalie has over 15 years’ experience shaping and implementing change initiatives and programs that reshape and transform patient services, facilities and governance frameworks to align with contemporary health service strategic plans. She works to engage stakeholders and secure buy-in to health programs that improve process efficiency, patient experience and community outcomes. Natalie has extensive operational commissioning management experience, ensuring new facilities are operationally prepared and commissioned, ready to receive patients.

Health Delivery

Malcolm Sabourin, Director

For over 30 years, Malcolm has successfully directed some of New Zealand’s most significant capital works projects to deliver public facilities, healthcare and infrastructure. His ability and reputation to look after the needs of multiple stakeholders and lead designers in developing project solutions for clients is well recognised in the market. Malcolm is currently working on the Taranaki Cancer Centre project establishment.

Greg Barlow, Project Lead

Greg has over 30 years’ experience in the design and construction of complex infrastructure and building projects. Over the last 10 years, he has worked exclusively in the development of major health projects and is one of the most experienced health delivery specialists in NSW. Greg is currently working on the delivery of the $750m Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, on a complex brownfield site the project has a highly established and integrated health, education and research model.

Stephen Chaseling, Project Director

Stephen has over 20 years’ experience within the construction industry and is responsible for providing expert advice to plan, manage and control services design and construction. He possesses an impressive record of delivering large-scale projects, several of his projects have been recognised by the Australian Institute of Building and Master Builders Australia for exceptional quality and complexity, including, Curtin University Medical Teaching Facility and the Joondalup Health Campus.

Matt Scott, Senior Project Manager

Matt brings over 10 years’ experience with design and delivery of construction projects, including the coordination of large teams of design consultants and the subsequent procurement and administration of the contract works. This experience includes roles on several complex programmes of works. Matt has been the design manager on several NZ hospital redevelopments including Dunedin Hospital and Taranaki Base Hospital.

For more information on how TSA can help you with your health projects, email hello@tsamgt.com.

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