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The digital world touches every aspect of our clients’ businesses and assets. Industry 4.0 is changing how we plan, design, build and operate assets. This means making sound investment decisions about infrastructure planning and operations. TSA Digital Advisory was born out of this need. Our digital view spans planning, designing, acquiring, managing, and analysing the right systems, processes and data, in a new and dynamic environment.

Ideally, an asset’s digital footprint needs to be in place at the earliest stages of the project concept and planning, to deliver the full benefit during the build and operate phases. Recognising this, our Digital Advisory team is deeply partnered with all our service capabilities, enabling us to inject the appropriate advice on our clients’ digital strategy, at any point of their journey.

Our services include:


Digital Advisory

•        Program delivery

•        Digital business case

•        Digital blueprint

•        Technology cost modelling

•        Digital procurement

Digital Asset Management

•        Digital Engineering

•        Information Management Frameworks

•        Digital twin strategy

•        Digital asset management strategy


Data Intelligence

•        Data quality and governance

•        Data analysis and visualisation

•        Project performance


Digital Health

•        Health planning

•        Health ICT blueprint


Digital Project Delivery

•        Digital site inspections

•        Digital PMO enablement


Duane Thompson, Executive Consultant

Duane is a senior leader in digital advisory for the infrastructure sector. He leads TSA’s Digital Advisory team and has  over 20 years’ experience across complex, full lifecycle program delivery in digital technologies. This includes Cloud, ERP, CRM, software development and infrastructure. He has led transformation programs, procurements, software delivery, IT outsourcing, data maintenance, and the launch of an award-winning start-up.

In 2021 Duane provided advice for the state-wide reform program for heavy vehicles in Victoria. This included business case costing, solution design approach, modelling, procurement strategy and market engagement. Other recent projects include global mining heavy vehicle automation for Anglo American, digital asset twin for ports operations for Southern Ports, and digital data growth strategy for Northern Territory for the NT Chief Minister Department.


Ian Ward, Associate Director

Ian is a civil and structural engineer (majoring in survey/geospatial) with over 30 years’ experience on complex transport infrastructure projects. From 2019-2021 he was the Chair of the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) Digital Engineering (DE) Subcommittee. In this role he had responsibility for driving the DE strategic plan and working groups implementing digital technologies throughout the $20b+ LXRP program. This included development of an LXRP Common Data Environment (CDE) for storage and solutions re-use of project federated models. Ian has also been heavily involved over the past 5 years with various LXRP continuous improvement initiatives including use of digital 4D technologies for easier interpretation and faster approval by key stakeholders on “brownfield” works associated with road closures and rail occupations.

Ian is currently advising Victoria’s regional rail operator and maintainer, V/Line, on the substantial benefits of digital engineering in the management of assets. This includes development of processes and training that would allow V/Line to receive and utilise project federated as-built models to dramatically improve the quality and effectiveness of their asset management activities and reporting.


Chris Watson, Senior Associate

Chris has held senior leadership roles across some of the largest public sector organisations in New Zealand. He has led strategic planning, portfolio, programme and project management functions, long-term investment planning, financial and administrative support, procurement, supply chain and logistics.  Chris has implemented digital solutions for projects portfolio management that have supported return on investment of over 50:1 and savings of 10% over future capital investment plans. He has also led digital solutions for asset management that include optimisation of existing system collaboration, implementation of mobile asset tracking, asset management information management systems and strategic asset management systems. These solutions have led to improvements in whole-of-life management and delivered significant improvements on asset performance, risk reduction and optimised investment planning.


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